This is why Frenchie parents love French Bulldog Kingdom Puppies

We have been breeding French Bulldogs on our farm for more than 10 years. Our aim has been to find a forever loving family for them and to stay in touch with their parents as one big family. Today hundreds of our sweet babies live all over the world with their wonderful families. It really feels like a big family, and here is what they say they love about French… Read More »This is why Frenchie parents love French Bulldog Kingdom Puppies

The first day with your Frenchie

Being patient is the best at the beginning. Be prepared that your Frenchie might be timid at the beginning, they often cry, look for their mates, just like anybody else would do when taken out of their usual environment. It’s very important to be patient with your baby and leave him or her enough time to settle in. Don’t start thinking that they don’t like you, or the place or… Read More »The first day with your Frenchie

The first day with your Frenchie [with tips for a successful training]

After long weeks of waiting you are finally reunited with the most lovely Frenchie, you can imagine. Your baby is sweet and is even cuter than on the photos and skype videos. Remember, however, that it’s a completely new situation for him or her and they need to adjust to it. Don’t worry if in the first few days your puppy doesn’t behave as how you might have imagined, it’s… Read More »The first day with your Frenchie [with tips for a successful training]

Staring too long into the eyes

It might be less problematic with your own pup, but even he or she will not love it. Staring into a dog’s eyes means challenge and a gesture of showing dominance. Fortunately, French Bulldog is not an aggressive breed, but they might still feel inconvenient when stared into their eyes. Ask strangers to look into your dog’s eyes only for shorter periods. And don’t stare into the eye if he… Read More »Staring too long into the eyes

Best way to train your baby Frenchie to sleep in their bed.

We offend hear parents complaining about their puppy still sleeping with them after a year. This is a usual challenge for most parents, although with some easy steps at the beginning you can make sure your French Bulldog sleeps alone. Read our step by step guide…

How to comunicate a new family member to your Frenchie

Bringing in a new family member (a second French Bulldog, a cat or a newborn baby) is a big joy and excitement for all of you. However, remember that for your older puppy it’s also a threat of losing your love and attention. Read our step-by-step tips from our experts…

French Bulldog Skin Problems

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WARNING: FRENCH BULLDOG SKIN PROBLEMS CAN BE KIND OF ICKY Right after the holidays a reader reached out to me about french bulldog skin problems. Her french bulldog was experiencing hives as a result of feeding her frenchie a specific brand of food. I was honored, first, to be considered by this reader, but I was then tasked with trying to make a viable food recommendation to this reader. I… Read More »French Bulldog Skin Problems