French Bulldogs Kingdom are a family owned business and registered breeder with over 44 years combined experience breeding French Bulldogs. Changing the face of what it means to be a dog breeder in the 21st century, Unique are an ethical, health-first organisation with a primary aim to strengthen the general health of this beautiful breed.
We have searched the world for our breeding program, to strengthen and diversify the gene pool, and nowhere on the globe is too far for us to source perfect new bloodlines. We love French Bulldogs in all their different shapes, sizes and colors because we value HEALTH and breed for this over and above any aesthetic features. All our adult dogs are health tested before breeding including spine deformities and hip dyspepsia. Our goal is to breed the healthiest, happiest, well-rounded puppies as we believe these make the best pets. We feed only the best quality holistic dog foods and all of our Frenchies are regularly vet checked by our vet including spine x-rays and scoring, patella scoring, vaccinations and worming.
We pride ourselves on providing the most exceptional care to all puppies and the pure joy that our Frenchies bring to people all over USA. The health and living standards of the dogs is our number one priority which is why we operate an open invitation policy to our home so that you can come and see all our lovable pups for yourself!
Our puppies are adults are raised by staff who have had many years experience in jobs including Vet nurses, Dog trainers and behaviorists, rescue organisation volunteers and rescue organisation manager. With our staff and their experience we work together to achieve the best care for our frenchies and are raised following the highest standard in cleanliness, behavior and are spoiled with love from the day they enter the world.
If you’d like to discuss the possibility of one of our beautiful French Bulldogs joining your family please get in touch.
For sales, general enquirers or just to book a cuddle please contact us anytime on (757) 740-4597.
French Bulldogs – The home of healthy, happy puppies.