French Bulldog Skin Problems

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Right after the holidays a reader reached out to me about french bulldog skin problems. Her french bulldog was experiencing hives as a result of feeding her frenchie a specific brand of food. I was honored, first, to be considered by this reader, but I was then tasked with trying to make a viable food recommendation to this reader. I knew french bulldogs could experience a plethora of skin problems caused by allergic reactions to various ingredients in foods, outdoor plants and allergens, and other household environmental irritants. What I had never seen was a frenchie experiencing hives as a result of dry food or kibble. Typically, frenchie skin problems come from bacterial infections or environmental irritants. That said, you should know that what you feed your french bulldog can also be the source of allergic responses, including skin problems.

*French Bulldog Dermatitis under their nose fold.

French bulldog skins problems can, of course, be caused by more than allergic reactions or bacterial infections. There’s always the occasional “hot spot” (acute moist dermatitis) experienced by all canines, especially short-haired breeds. Then there’s chronic dry skin, which is very common for french bulldogs in drier or cold climates or french bulldogs who are bathed too often. Then there’s plain ole dandruff, which you can fix by switching to a vet recommended shampoo and lotion. Then there are some french bulldogs who experience allergic dermatitis due to various irritants and household allergens. There’s seborrhea, the canine equivalent of seborrheic dermatitis prevalent in humans. There’s impetigo, which is very common in puppies and results in pus-filled blisters (gross, I know). Superficial bacterial folliculitis, which is an infection that can be easily spotted on a french bulldog’s skin because of their short hair, and is often treated with oral antibiotics. There’s ringworm, too, which is common in dogs and is often a part of a regular vaccination schedule.

*French Bulldog with superficial folliculitis on their stomach.

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